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Tarahumara diet is the custom that has applied in Northern Mexico.

People in there famous to be runners, they can run until 500 miles in a week. This habit very useful for them to keep their healthy. In addition, they eat foods that supply many carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and proteins for their energy. Although, they eat little bit of meat, Tarahumara diet can also called vegetarian diet. The kind of vegetables is to completely the necessity of human’s body.

The kind of foods of Tarahumara Diet

Many vegetables contain of carbohydrate, zinc, mineral, vitamin or protein needed in body is the best choice to do Tarahumara Diet. We can search the content of the each food we want to eat. It’s good or not for body. Actually, we should not eat meat at all but just a little to balancing the body. Maybe, you still confuse what vegetable can eat or the other to support the healthy. The vegetables foods that has many elements on it which is common in Tarahumara Diet such as: bean (contain of energy, carbohydrate, fiber and protein), squash (contain of mineral, vitamin C, fat, fiber, carbohydrate), jicama (contain of phosporus, calories, calsium), etc.

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Also there’re herbs in this tarahumara diet program. The herbs have many functions and also important. Salvia Hispanica is the one of the herbs, it most popular called ‘chia’. Chia has a lot of antioxidant and the important content is omega-3. You know that many benefits of omega-3 for human body like decrease the high cholesterol, for eyes health, prevent us from alzheimer, decrease depresion and so on. And then, the important function of chia seeds can decrease the heart disease and the concentrate is for diet. Moreover Cilantro and Epazote are also the kind of the herb tarahumara.

The Benefits of Tarahumara Diet

In Tarahumara diet  just eat little of meat, it more 50% vegetables than the meat. Vegetables have much content to fulfill human’s body needed. Don’t worry if you want to consume protein because protein not only in the meat, some vegetables also contain of protein with low fat. If people consume meat more high than vegetables or it’s not balance both of them, the effect is obesity. When we got obesity, easier to diseases attack our healthy such as: stroke, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes mellitus. Those diseases are very dangerous for human; it can kill step by step or directly. With Tarahumara Diet, our body will be balance and more health. So that, we must discipline do this tarahumara diet plan able to the rules. Then, it will be good habit to keep the healthy of body.

After knew about the benefits, I think no worries to do health diet like Tarahumara Diet. Many advantages we got and the diseases not easy to attack our body. We can do all the daily activities without scare to get sick. If you still doubt, ask your doctor about this tarahumara  diet and plans, getting health life with Tarahumara Diet click here

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