Fighting The "Losing" Battle

With obesity in developed countries being at an all-time high, weight loss forums are a powerful tool in the fight to reduce our waistlines and increase our lifespan. Armed with resources and knowledge, forums are providing the support and solutions necessary to help members of the obese population win the “losing” battle.

Today there are 7 countries whose obesity rates have surpassed 20% with Mexico at 24% and the United States at over 32%. With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder why weight loss forums are more popular than ever. People who previously were feeling hopeless are finding solace in these online communities which can include articles, questions and answers, blogs and helpful links to support groups among other things.

Obesity has several physical, psychological and social side effects. Studies show that folks with a body mass index of over 40 are over 50% more likely to get cancer. The obese are also prone to such complications as heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, stroke, osteoarthritis and depression. Between obesity and all the coexisting conditions that go along with it, doctor’s offices are being flooded with seriously ill patients. Not only that, but over time these issues have brought up healthcare costs for everyone. However, with the information in weight loss forums being more accurate and plentiful than ever, individuals have the power to take control of their weight and prevent or manage comorbid health issues, thus reducing the costs associated with them.

With knowledge, comes power. Forums have been helping the obese population to find information and explore their options for treatment since they were first formed on the web over a decade ago. Previously, individuals who were morbidly obese often believed that there was no hope for losing weight without surgery or seemingly impossible diets.

Since health and weight loss forums have become more popular, these people are finding several safe and effective ways to lose weight. These methods may not always include just medication or dieting either. Often times they will be able to find dietary supplements or holistic treatments that increase their body’s ability to burn fat as energy.

There are also many links to support groups where people can share stories, find exercise classes where they won’t be embarrassed, and get emotional support during difficult times when individuals may be likely to relapse.

Obese people are now more knowledgeable about the risks of having surgery. There have been hundreds of cases where complications during supposedly simple surgeries, ended up having long-term and even permanent consequences. What’s worse is that half of these surgeries are not necessary since the patients weren’t even exposed to most of the options that are actually available such as physical therapy, herbal supplements and alternative forms of exercise.

Thanks to weight loss forums, the world community can find diets, supplements, recipes, support groups and even explore surgery options that they would not have known about before. Not only that, but individuals are healthier and have a more realistic view of what is considered a healthy weight. This in turn reduces the risk of other health issues that often accompany obesity. With more education, resources and options available than ever we can win the war on weight for good.

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