Lovely pendants for way of life: women necklace online

Lovely Pendants for Way of Life

  • Posted on December 29, 2011 at 8:37 am

There are various stylish and also cute necklaces comes in the marketplace. Necklaces is essential. It is crucial addition. That will give you stunning and stylish search. There tend to be different aspects of diamond jewelry can be purchased in the market for example charms, jewelry, wedding rings, bracelets and more. This kind of jewellery completes your look. They’re classy and chic. There are several stylish and lovable the different parts of jewellery can be bought in the market industry. Diamond necklace is an extremely essential portion of diamond jewelry. This will give you stylish and lovable seem. Necklaces are essential for girls.
Charms have become stylish as well as lovely. There are numerous wonderful necklaces can be purchased in the marketplace.

They give you elegant look. In nearly all tradition around the globe, hemp necklaces tend to be an essential part. Individuals put them on all through life. With this modern day world charms use as an accent. There are several elegant and adorable bracelets are available in the marketplace. They are stylish and also fantastic. They provided with assorted materials like plastic-type, metal, steel, stones, platinum, sterling silver and much more. These kinds of pendants are incredibly enchanting along with appealing. Charms can be bought in many forms. A number of are plain, plus some tend to be ornamented. Ornamented pendants are very fantastic. Plenty of adornment used to embellish these kinds of charms like gems, uric acid, bead, stone, dark red and many others.

They have got different lengths. A few have got small length. A number of possess lengthy length. Short size pendants are incredibly cute. Are put for your neck of the guitar. This helps you classy seem. Chain little duration bracelets search exceptional. These are ideal for daily use. They even make these people throughout offices along with daily life. Great for informal features. In case you ate invited inside office buildings function, these kind of bracelets are outstanding. They increase your gaze and wonder. They give you stylish appearance. Bead necklaces are fantastic for everyday make use of.

Extended bracelets are very amazing. They are ideal for elegant make use of. They even make all of mood necklace in functions, situations, occasions along with birthday celebrations. That offers you eye-catching look. These necklaces are generally outstanding. Prolonged charms seem wonderful about bridal gown. They will improve attractiveness of your wedding day costume. Bridle seem sophisticated inside lengthy pendants. Bridles don long gowns, as well as small dresses. When they need and chic appear, they’re able to put on long charms. The diamond necklace are fantastic for night time capabilities. These people sparkle on the evening. They give you twinkling appearance. There are massive assortment of charms can be found in the marketplace. These are amazing and chic.

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28 weeks pregnant with menstrual type pain and lower back pain on left side?

28 weeks pregnant with Menstrual Type Pain and lower back pain on left side?

It’s been happening off and on for 3 days now and is getting to the point to where I wake up in the middle of the night with pain. Today the back pain has been pretty much constant and I try changing positions, stretching and nothing seems to relieve it. Should I call L&D and ask about the pain?

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There always comes a time when we get tired of living


There Always Comes a Time When We Get Tired of Living

Posted by
admin 20 April, 2010

Very often, when fed up with pain, suffering and fatigue, we ask ourselves, “when it is all going to end?”, or say something like, “God! I have enough of this!” In cartoon it would probably be shown more vividly, with arms flailing around, legs stamping in anger, and with a cloud of steam going out from our head. In grief and rage we can always toss the chairs and dishes, or break some of the teapots and glasses, but it won’t do any good, only increase the pain which we already feel. Despite the fact that it will surely bring us so much fun, we shouldn’t destroy the interior of our house just because we are furious.
In my case it’s 23 years since it has all started. During all these years I have uttered his question hundreds, if not thousands of times. To whom it was directed? It depends on the circumstances, but the usual addressees are as follows: God, myself, dead relatives, my dogs, walls, my family and the Force. The dogs, walls and dead relatives won’t at least speak back to me. Others from the list may do that.
The first few years of my illness were a salutary experience. I couldn’t believe what I was going through. Thinking about the future perspectives was enough for me to get scared and angry. I was cheated by my own body. It made me depressed and caused a total breakdown. However, I hadn’t ever treated my illness as a kind of punishment, as some people do. I believe that there is an answer to every event that takes place in our life. I also think that the purpose of my life may change along with the course of matters. Many people consider suicide as a good way of solving their ‘chronic problem’, but for me death was never an option. While being a nurse I have seen several patients who tried to kill themselves, and I can tell you that it really takes more courage to live than to die.
It is understandable that we who have a chronic illness wish the suffering to be gone. If you like your pain, this means that you’re some sort of masochist, and that you should immediately see a psychiatrist. Nobody in their right mind would like to live with constant pain. We can distinguish two types of misery: physical and mental. Fatigue is an inherent element of both of them. It can make you depressed and weak. It may kill all the joys of your life, bring the strange feeling of unfulfilment, and change you into a bad and malicious person, who vents her/his frustration on relatives. As humans we don’t have enough strength to control our emotions, especially the bad ones. Hence, we simply shake them off like raindrops from the umbrella. Usually, while doing it, we don’t care for the consequences. It doesn’t matter that it will drift us apart from the people we love. Life is and always will be unfair – we can’t help it. If a doctor can’t answer your questions, look for another one. If the second one will also fail, then it’s better to seek counseling than to visit all possible physicians in town. Living a life of chronic pain limits our productivity, as well as our ability to feel joy. Don’t let the illness win the battle for your life. When the aggravation visits my mind, I always try to keep one of the tiny doors open. It is important to keep on searching. I know you may be fed up with this, but believe me, the answers are there. It may be a different med, a physical therapy consultation, or a change in your diet – anything. Only we can’t stop searching because life still goes on taking away our vitality, and won’t ever wait for us to be cured. We can’t change who we are right now, but we can improve ourselves. Whether you believe it or not, we all have an intrinsic healing system hidden in our bodies, only sometimes we may need some help in activating it. I know that asking for help takes courage, but what other choice do we have? It is too late to get out of the train now, so it’s better to concentrate on making our destination pleasant, and suffering-free. Let’s improve our way of thinking! It may help us to discover some brand new paths.
I have got some special qualities which help me to forget about the enough-type thoughts. It’s obvious that we all need different ways for solving such issues, but this doesn’t mean that there are no universal answers. Let me then tell you what keeps me alive, hope you will find some of them useful. 1) I always feel a sense of purpose when I have got something to do. 2) Doing what I am good at and what I love, helps me in every day existence. 3) Being aware of the fact that my family needs me gives me the power to live. For those we love, we’re able to do anything, even ignore the pain. All of the above are my reasons to keep going. Life without a purpose is dreary and tiresome. I wouldn’t even call it a life, rather everlasting vegetation.
If the pain goes on and on, it’s normal that one day we will have enough of it. Of course the fact that we complain and moan about our fate won’t change anything, and we will have to withstand the suffering. There are many ways of coping with pain, ex. falling asleep, taking a pill, having a good weep etc. Everything depends on what kind of person we are. I have once met a guy for whom a broken finger was a tragic and traumatic experience. But there were other people who survived from a devastating accident and who still were able to smile. Those of you who have ever been in a hospital for more than one night probably know that personnel which can provide comfort is the most treasured thing you can get. Moreover it will usually be fondly remembered. You will always meet a few who will make you smile. Both by spreading love and caring for others, these people are a spark of hope for those who suffer. Sometimes they can be something else than a human being. Those of you who have a dog will at once know what I mean. Their selfless love and attachment to human can bring a lot of joy to a tired mind.
Yesterday I went to see a T-ball game, only this time players were five-years old, so just imagine how the match looked like. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. After having a really hard day, it was such a relaxing activity to me. For a few minutes I totally forgot about my dog Annie which got out, about the workmen renovating my house, about the dentist who couldn’t find a suitable crown for my teeth etc. If you have read my previous blogs, you probably remember that I have a chronic pain in my sacroiliac joints, hips and knees. Because of these disabilities I could watch only the first 45 minutes of the game. After that, I had to leave my family and go back home. My excuse announced to the relatives sounded like this, “Beloved ladies and gentleman, my sore ass wants me to go back home, and I just can’t say ‘no’ ” Thank God I have got a good sense of humor. I know I repeat myself, but remember to cherish laughter – it has got healing properties. It is just as well that my painful area is located in a place which brings smile to people, and which can be laughed at. Otherwise, it would be much harder to make jokes about it. Fortunately for me, a fall similar to slipping on a banana skin will always make people laugh. Since the beginning of my illness a banana fall became my identification.
I fell in love with my husband because he is skilled in making other people laugh. We used to work in the same hospital, and still I can remember him walking down the halls and leaving smiles behind. Of course he has moods and bad days, but usually he is able to see humor in life. I don’t know how people can live without laughing and giggling from time to time. I highly recommend Norman Cousins’ writings about laughter as a healing method. If you don’t like reading books try watching the film version with Ed Asner.
While looking for the best medical care, take joy into consideration. Let the sun into your house, notice the flowers which bloom, throw dog a ball etc. The fact that you will say ‘enough’ won’t stop the world from spinning. Illness is not a dead end; it is just another journey in our life. Did you know that a Chinese symbol for ‘misfortune’ is the same as for the ‘opportunity’? Isn’t it suggestive? I really want to think that it is true.

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Amalgamated Pixels

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Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Chronicles of Narnia

4/2006 – 5/2007


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Monster House

Motion capture integration and layout.

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The Polar Express

Working with the director, Robert Zemekis

On pre-visualizing phase as well as

3D technical layout.

8/2003 – 1/2004

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Horsepower Entertainment Inc.

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Magic Car Yard

Papi Chulo (Credit & Transitional Sequences)

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Commercial appearing in ‘Minority Report’

R&D for Amylin Pharmaceuticals

‘Kidjit City’ Direct to Video

6/1996 – 6/2001

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CG & Traditional Layout

The Prince of Egypt

The Road to El Dorado


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Walt Disney Television Animation

Background Designer

Jungle Cubs (Television Series)

Rumplestiltskin (Direct to Video Segment)

3/1995 – 7/1995

Warner Brothers Classics Animation

Layout Artist

Marvin the Martian in the 3rd Dimension

12/1994 -1/1995

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background Designer

Quack Pack

11/1993 – 12/1994

Turner Feature Animation

Layout Artist

Cats Don’t Dance


4/1991 Art Center College of Design

B.F.A. Illustration

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Fred Wolf Films

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When it was released earlier this year, L.A. Noire delivered players a noir-fueled trip through the middle of the 20th Century. In spite of, or perhaps because of, being a huge success the developers at Team Bondi went through a tumultuous period that ended with the complete dissolution of the company. The men and women of that team went on living, though, and many of those same men and women have found themselves under the employ of KMM Studios. A company run by filmmaker George Miller, KMM Studios was today revealed to be in the early stages of work on the next game from Team Bondi’s finest: The Whore of the Orient.

Brendan McNamara, the Team Bondi’s boss during the production of L.A. Noire, revealed that The Whore of the Orient would take a magnifying glass to one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century. This should come as no surprise to anyone who experienced L.A. Noire, an open-world adventure game set in the years following World War II.

Little to none is known about The Whore of the Orient outside of its presence in the 20th Century. However, the orient has often been used to refer to the city of Shanghai, China. Shanghai is notorious as a home to shady trades and other such dealings; it’s not hard to imagine it as the backdrop of one of the many unseen video games of the 21st Century.





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Promoting in a social networking minefield… « soma soapbox

Social networking

It’s hard to imagine a world without a social networking site involved. Many a conversation regarding nightlife involve ‘Have you seen … event on…’ or ‘Have you put the photos online from last night?’, it’s even got to the stage where social network names are given out rather than phone numbers as a chat up line. And they say romance is dead.

When you look back, it is only within the last decade, or more specifically six years that social networking has taken over our lives. A phone call doesn’t cut it anymore; you have to be tagged, poked, invited, or more annoyingly asked to help someone with their imaginary farm.

What started off as one or two networking sites (I’ll come to the history in a bit), has now turned into a monster of more than 170 sites (if Wikipedia is to be believed), these range from the popular kids of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to the slightly more ‘alternative’ such as or, a knitting and crochet site, with a surprisingly high 330,000 members. There are also the more specific: (1.25 million members), blackplanet (20 million) and (100,000).

Friendster, which has now effectively disappeared, was the initial trendsetter in 2002 which encouraged users to look at their expanded circle of friends to connect to more people. Next, the more serious Linked In joined the race as a networking resource for business people in 2003, the same year as MySpace, who in recent years has buckled under the force of younger members such as Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006). Google joined the party more than fashionably late this year, with its attempt at social networking: Buzz, whose success, and indeed use, remains to be seen.

What this means for the nightlife and promotions industry

It is nowadays hard to find someone who doesn’t have some level of interaction with a social networking site, with media heavyweights such as Reuters encouraging employee’s use as it is clearly a powerful medium for communication and sharing ideas. They also recommend holding professional and private accounts, as it is obviously important to differentiate from work and play. Many promoters are already onto the idea of having a separate account for their promotions team, whilst it is hard work to maintain enthusiasm and interaction with fans it clearly pays off. This enthusiasm can be provided in the form of willing reps who can promote your events to their networks with a personal URL. The more promoters that integrate with Facebook, or similar sites (depending on what the future holds), the better. The more personal your brand appears, the more memorable it becomes, particularly in such competitive times which the recession hasn’t exactly helped. Social networking sites are providing the platform to sell to the customers head on, if used correctly and within reason, promoters, artists and festivals can reap the competitive advantage. As new sites launch, it would be advisable to seek the most relevant site for you. Obviously it makes sense to go where the customers are, but leading the way in new domains might help raise credibility, rather than being ‘too’ social, with a profile on every networking site going, even if you do love crochet.

Cement boots – one size fits all

Cement Boots – One Size Fits All  

How it Happened:  Often, life lessons are gifted out in analogies.  One heard in the industry that I’ve spent a third of my life in is the comparison between the journey of a career and stepping stones.  It goes something like this, you’re career path is paved in stepping stones and each stepping stone represents a turning point, a promotion, a gig, etc. leading you to the ultimate goal of success.

Here’s what they don’t tell you….

Those stepping stones are not like the ones you buy from your local home improvement store.  They aren’t stone, they’re liquid and they’re waiting to cure around you.  Before you know it, if you’ve stayed too long on that stepping stone it attaches itself to you and now…. you’ve got cement boots.

Remember this the next time you think you’re comfortable at your job.  Comfortable is the mask of complacency.

Here’s the problem.  Comfort sounds like a great word.  It’s warm, snuggly and it’s the perfect adjective when you’re describing the food your mom use to cook for you when you were sick as a kid.  However, when talking about a career or better yet success, being comfortable becomes a mask for complacency.  Continue Reading…

What exactly is complacency?  Complacency– a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when unaware

This past May of 2012 marks my 10 year anniversary with a company that 10 years ago I saw as a stepping stone.  It was supposed to be short lived and used as a motivative propellent to get me where I wanted to go and yet, it hasn’t.

Why? Complacency.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to work for the this company and not a day goes by where I can’t believe I get paid to do what I do. But, I made the mist@ke of getting too comfortable and rooted in a position that invisibly severed my ladder to success, and now, as I walk around amongst a sea of similar colleagues that all bear the same pair of boots I wear, I realize the chisel of change floats farther and farther away from me everyday.

But, I digress….

Much like Neo in the Matirx awaking to his cold hard reality, I too am awakening to mine and with it comes……power.

The power to be decisive, the power to self motivate, the power to now see obstacles, i.e. being stuck in a job position with little to no potential for growth, not as obstructions but rather opportunities to change course.   And by changing course or at the very least coming to the realization that we are in fact stuck in a static career situation/ cement boots, the stone grounding us at our feet begins to weaken.

How Not to Make This Mist@ke:  Time is an invisible enemy.  Being aware that it exist is important, but being aware that it is fleeting is even more important.  By setting goals we are inevitably respecting time.  Setting small career and entrepreneurial goals with timelines not only holds us accountable to ourselves and time, but also provides us with the proper schemata for our bigger goals.  But perhaps their greatest value is that goals at their nucleus, keep us aggressively moving forward.  Remember the above correlation, stepping stone= cement boots.  If you don’t want the cement boots, or rather, the abrupt wake call some 10 years later that you’ve lost your professional momentum, you’ve got to keep moving and goals will provide you with the necessary kick in the ass to do so.

Remember, it’s not too late!

Nobody enjoys a pity party, so don’t throw one.  Whether it’s 10 years or 20, if you’re not moving forward towards your personal idea of success, well,  I guess it’s time for a new pair of shoes…..