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Three Strategic Strategies To Develop Internet Marketing Rewards

June 12, 2010 | By Chris Tatro In Niche Market Finder |

Is there truly a secret to making money online? If you have spent any amount of time at all in the Internet Marketing or Home based business world you have in all probability been inundated with the latest and greatest ways to make money. Just about every guru has a secret plan to extract large sums of money from the Internet, if you will just invest in their brand new product. This product is often their proprietary secret, that they will share with you, (and only a few thousand others), for a limited time only. A small amount of work or effort will be needed to produce a stack of money, once you have compensated them for their secret system. Then they will vanish, until eventually they reappear with the next product to sell you. So the significant question is; are there genuinely secret approaches to make easy money online, and what is the most effective way to begin to earn your living from the Internet.

The fact is that most of these Guru types advertising their secret programs are merely re-packaging the same old information, and basically sprucing it up with fancy artwork, hypnotic sales letters and video clips. Some of them definitely are earning a lot of money, but not necessarily because of the methods and techniques they are offering you in their course. Most of their income comes from the product sales of the program and not necessarily from implementing the techniques taught in the course. There are exceptions to the rule of course, and I will cover that further on, but first let’s deal with the question of whether there actually are secrets to Internet success.

Secret Number One

There really are no secrets. Everything you need to know is already available to you online, and often for free. There is a real wealth of information to be found online, and that is both a blessing and a curse. The real secret is learning to sift through all the useless and misleading stuff and only keep the nuggets of gold. The problem is one of information overload and having too much information is as bad as having no information at all, and maybe worse. After all, how many ebooks, videos, newsletters, courses etc. can you actually assimilate? The solution to this problem is in secret number two.

Secret Number Two

You have to narrow your focus. This one come courtesy of one of my teachers,top Kelly Felix, formerly known as The Rich Jerk (who is an extremely nice guy, btw). Here is what you do. Immediately begin do unsubscribe from all Guru newsletters and mailing lists. You can do it! Difficult as it may seem at first to cut the tethers, it will actually feel good. The reason for this is information overload. You can not focus or accomplish anything if you are constantly exploring the newest fad, software, product release, etc. Plus, you know that you already have enough ebooks and course to last a lifetime. Stop hanging out on those forums too, where people who have never made a dime are dispensing their advice. Instead, do your research and pick one method or Guru to follow and stick with that one plan. And this takes us nicely into success secret number three.

Secret Number Three

Find a Mentor. The quickest path to becoming successful in any discipline is to follow in the footsteps of one who has already attained success, and so has a roadmap to share. For instance, I cited Kelly Felix previously. Kelly, and his friend Mike Long, have just opened up a innovative online group where they reveal everything which they are currently undertaking to generate profits online. It is a nearly real time glimpse over the shoulder of two very prosperous Internet Marketers while they generate and grow fresh products and websites. As a fellow member of this team, am I confident following the method set out by two individuals who have built multiple 7 figure businesses on the internet? You bet I am! Plus, it is an unbelievable relief to not feel the pressure to perpetually keep on searching out the latest new ’secret’

To summarize, if you are struggling to get started or have been working online for awhile without much success, try implementing some of the above suggestions. Better yet, find yourself a good mentor and follow their lead. A good example is Kelly and Mike’s new group. They lay out a step by step plan to follow, show you the only tools you will need, and are available to answer your questions. it’s actually quite rare to find this quality of mentoring available from successful marketers of this caliber, who are open to showing you exactly what they are doing.

Chris Tatro has been a Bring The Fresh member with Kelly and Mike since day one. You can find out more at, or visit their official Bring The Fresh siteat

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