American Recycling is a family owned and operated scrap metal recycling company serving individuals, commercial customers, and contractors with superior service for more than six decades. We are dedicated to providing high quality professional service and competitive pricing for scrap metal recycling, dumpster rental, scrap towing, general towing, and municipal towing services. 

We recycle all ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal in any amount, from aluminum cans to an entire demolition site. Our metal recycling services include copper recycling, steel recycling, aluminum recycling, brass recycling, and more. In addition to scrap metal, we buy scrap boilers, cast iron, electrical wire, batteries, and used or wrecked cars and trucks for scrap metal recycling. 

We have a state of the art scrap metal recycling facility that is well equipped to handle any amount or type of metal, including all ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals with a high level of efficiency. We have specialized equipment that automatically separates, sorts, and bales aluminum, steel, copper, and other scrap metals quickly and accurately. If you need recycling for metal at a demolition or construction site, we can provide onsite processing service. 

In addition to metal recycling, we provide dumpster rental services, towing for scrap vehicles, general towing and municipal towing services in Atlantic County, NJ and the surrounding areas. Please browse our website for more information about our services and contact American Recycling today at 609-965-2900 or 1-888-339-7535 for answers to your questions or to request a quote.

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