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Low Phosphorus Diet – Keep Away Yourself from Kidney Disease

“Low phosphorus diet seems to be the best diet that can be practiced rather than having a pill. Besides having the best result, low phosphorus diet is effective as well for curing the kidney disease. Realized or not, kidney disease becomes the most dangerous and unnoticed disease among the adults. According to the survey, for about 17% adults have kidney disease. Of course, kidney disease becomes the most haunting disease among the adults nowadays. In fact, phosphorus is very important substance for the body; especially for the bones. Phosphorus role helps to make the bones stronger than before. Besides, it helps to make strong teeth as well. Besides, phosphorus is important as well to make energy, by changing carbohydrate, protein, and fat. However, when the amount is over the limit, it will harm the kidney.

What factors those cause kidney disease? The main factor from this disease is the high amount of phosphorus inside the body. it is undeniable that phosphorus is very important for the body. However, too much phosphorus can be very dangerous as well. Besides resulting in the kidney disease, too much phosphorus can bring death as well to the human. Therefore, it is very important to control the phosphorus inside body to stay normal.

The normal number of phosphorus level inside body has to be 2.7 to 4.6 mg/dL. When the number is higher than 4.6 mg/dL, it indicates that the phosphorus level inside body it too much. Therefore, it needs an action to control the phosphorus level. The first action is exercising low phosphorus diet. Besides easy to do, low phosphorus diet is the safest and exact thing to control phosphorus level inside the body. Unlike consuming pills that is very expensive and can be harmed for the body also, this kind of phosphorus diet is very healthy and safe.

What Is Low Phosphorus Diet?

What is low phosphorus diet actually? Why this kind of diet can be the effective way to prevent (or even cure) the kidney disease. Low phosphorus diet means having diet of the food that contains high phosphorus substances on it. So, what kind of food that contains phosphorus actually? There are some foods that contain high phosphorus, including cheese, colas, beer, organ meats, nuts, yoghurt, milk, sardines, grain products, etc. as we know that, almost all these foods are very important for the body. Moreover, these foods are the primary and secondary foods for us. So, consuming these foods is not forbidden. However, what we should do is controlling the way we eat these foods.  Because, consuming too much phosphorus foods will affect our kidney. When we are not aware with this before, it is undeniable that soon we well get kidney disease.

How to do Low Phosphorus Diet?

How to do low phosphorus diet then? The first thing to do is noticing foods that contain high phosphorus substances. After knowing the foods, what we should do next is avoiding the foods or replacing the foods with low phosphorus substances. For example, rather than consuming too much ice cream, it is better to consume gelatin. Rather than consuming cola, it is healthier to consume fresh water or fruit juice. Avoiding beer can be helpful as well, considering that beer contains high amount of phosphorus substance. To get the best result of low phosphorus diet, it is a must to do this exercise regularly

Things to Do Beside Low Phosphorus Diet

Besides having low phosphorus diet more effective, it is good thing also to have body exercise. Of course it will keep your body healthier than ever and of course to keep away yourself from kidney disease. In addition, always have medical checkup to check your kidney. These are things you can do to save your kidney besides having low phosphorus diet.

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