What Can I Eat on the HCG Diet – How to Exercise the HCG Diet

Common Question, “What Can I Eat on the HCG Diet?””

What can i eat on the hcg diet? My friend asked me days ago. i believe, this question always occur on the people who exercise this hcg diet also. At first, i didn’t know that there is a diet known as hcg diet. So then, I Google it and found interesting information about what actually hcg diet is. hcg is the abbreviation of human chorionic gonadotropin. It sounds strange right? it is because, hcg is a hormone that is found from the placenta to control the metabolic function. However, the hcg diet does not directly use this kind of hormone. But, the hcg diet use variations of fertility hormone, but in smaller dose. hcg diet is believed as the most effective diet to lose the weight rapidly. This is that makes hcg diet becomes more interesting. Usually, people who exercise this kind of diet will get an extreme weight loss in a short period of time. this is then why there are strict rule of foods that can be consumed or cannot. So, it is usual if someone exercising hcg diet, and always wonder ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet‘ thingy.

Besides asking ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’, my friend also asked me the benefits from it. Actually, there are some benefits that can be gotten from hcg diet. The first benefit is fantastic weight loss. Secondly, is losing the weight without exercise. This is the major reason usually people seek while having this kind of diet; especially, when they are too lazy to have an exercise. Thirdly, is reducing the hunger. And the last one is saving much money. However, there is still side effect from exercising this hcg diet. Besides wondering ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’ thingy, there are some others; including extreme energy loss. Of course this will happen, because there is too much energy that will be consumed rapidly while exercising this diet.

So, What Can I Eat on the HCG Diet?

Before answering the ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’ question, I’m still questioning, whether this kind of diet is safe or not. Some say that the extreme and strict rule in exercising this diet will do something harm to the body, but some others say that this kind of diet is perfectly safe for the body. So, why i feel this way? As we know that people needs certain substances (including vitamin, carbohydrate, protein, fat, etc) for the body. The substances must be enough, in the other words; it cannot be extremely less or more. However, this hcg diet program seems exercising extreme diet that cause losing a lot of substances of body. There are some ways in exercising this diet. The first one is by injection, and the second one is by homeopathic drops. The first one is the original way, while second one is the easiest. After having this diet, people should be aware with the foods they eat. Thus, it is normal that there is ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’ question from the people who exercise this diet.

There are some foods that can be consumed. Hope this food list can answer ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’ question. The foods include vegetables, grains, and fruits. For about 3 to 6 weeks later, they must consume these foods every day. Of course it is very strict for the meat lovers. However, they still can consume meat, but in a very small amount. it is done to burn the calories rapidly on the body. However, this kind of diet will bring side effect to the body, which is reducing the energy due to its lack of calories. After more than 6 weeks, there are other un-strict ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’ list that can be consumed.

Other ‘What Can I Eat on the HCG Diet’ List

After 6 weeks of doing hcg weight loss program, there are other ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’ list that can be consumed. be grateful! Because this list is not so strict like the previous one, after the calories have been burned too much, now it’s time to gain back and control it. On this phase, people can consume foods such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and also vegetables and fruits. Of course these foods look more humane rather than before. So, now i can answer when my friend ask me ‘what can i eat on the hcg diet’?

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