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Diet After Gallbladder Surgery – Save Your Gallbladders

“Diet after gallbladder surgery includes avoiding certain foods; such as fried foods, chocolate, chicken skin, meat with high-fat and calories, ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products. These foods are the most prohibited foods to eat after having gallbladder surgery. it is because these food will affect the gallbladder itself. of course this should not happen, considering that gallbladder needs soft treatment after surgery and eating these food will cause major problems.

Therefore, to prevent the major problems of gallbladder, it is necessary to do diet after gallbladder surgery. it is not only make gallbladder safe from any problems, but it will give side effect to the body health as well. Considering that this gallbladder surgery diet avoids high fat and high calorie foods that are sometimes can be harmful for the body.

What is the Function of Diet After Gallbladder Surgery?

Gallbladder is an organ under the liver. The function of gallbladder is secreting bile. Bile is a liquid made by the liver that has a function to digest fat. This liquid thing is very important for the body to control the fat consumed inside the body. When the function of gallbladder has problems, it cannot produce this liquid normally. Therefore, fat digesting process will be harmed. To make it normal again, the gallbladder needs a surgery, and of course a diet after gallbladder surgery. so, why this thing can happen? Why the gallbladder can be harmed? and why diet after gallbladder surgery is important? In this because there is a gallstone in it, this gallstone is solidified digestive fluid formed in gallbladder. This gallstone can be small, but sometimes it can be big also. This gallstone will block the passage from the gallbladder. Consequently, the fluid from gallbladder cannot flow smoothly and it causes gallbladder dysfunction. Thus thing to do to remove this gallstone is by surgery. And the diet is needed as well after the surgery to soften the function of gallbladder.

Why Diet after Gallbladder Surgery is Important?

So, what are the symptoms of the gallbladder dysfunction? the first symptom is the pain. Person who gets gallbladder dysfunction will feel severe pain near the abdomen. Usually, he / she will get more pain when eating fatty foods. Secondly, person having this dysfunction will feel nausea. it is because the bile is not produced normally, that cause nausea to the person. Thirdly, is fever and chills. And the last symptom is diarrhea for more than normal periods. when person having these kind of symptoms, it can be concluded that he / she has gallbladder dysfunction. Therefore, he / she must get gallbladder surgery. After having surgery, he / she must do diet after gallbladder surgery, to make the gallbladder normal again. Diet after gallbladder surgery has an aim to control fat substance that come to the body, so the gallbladder will not work too hard in digesting fat.

Other Things to Do Beside Having Diet After Gallbladder Surgery.

This kind of diet after gallbladder surgery deals with certain low fat foods, including grain, cereal, bread, cabbage, broccoli, and other fresh vegetables. By having diet after gallbladder surgery, it is hoped that the function of gallbladder will gradually back to normal again.

Besides having diet after gallbladder surgery, it is necessary as well to have an exercise. Moreover, it is right time also to start healthy life by reducing fatty foods. Fatty foods are not only popular for its effect toward the obesity, but it can affect the gallbladder as well. so, if you are saved already from the gallbladder surgery, it is wise for you to start your new life with healthy habit and diet after gallbladder surgery.

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