Presenting the Most Celebrated Couple of All Times

Presenting the Most Celebrated Couple of All Times – Depression and Alcohol!

From time immemorial alcohol and depression have gone hand in hand. There are innumerable instances from the pages of history where illustrated personalities took to alcohol following regular bouts of depression. Taking to alcohol has almost become a standard way of expressing grief, anxiety and unhappiness especially by the males and this trend still continues with all its glory.

Alcohol brings in a feeling of relaxation and takes the individual away from the grim realities of life, to a world of illusion. People experiencing lack of sleep due to certain mental or physical conditions take to alcohol as it helps them in getting sleep. Boys in their teens almost idealize the image of destroying oneself with a glass of spirit in hand. A person of this kind, in their opinion is a real man. The heroes in the movies also subscribe to this view. Hence at the sight of the slightest problem they take resolve in the most faithful friend of a a glass of spirit.

The kind of romanticism attached to the image of a man destroying himself with alcohol has encouraged a lot of young boys to take to alcohol. In the beginning these young boys just search for an excuse to drink, but later this develops into a habit which is very difficult to do away with.

However there are people who either take to alcohol newly or increase their intake to have a temporary lease from the complexities of their life and mind. They forget that alcohol is just a temporary answer, (if we can at all call it an answer) to depression. Once they are back to their senses depression will once again crop up its ugly head. The disturbance that people face on regular occurrence of depression forces them to be in an alcoholic trance all the time. In this way they just aggravate their condition from bad to worse.

What is really surprising is that people bear the pain of depression but can take the small pain of going to the doctor. In the earlier times when there was no cure for depression it was understandable that people preferred to keep themselves immersed in alcohol. But why now? Today when there are perfectly etched cures to treat different forms of depression, it is beyond my understanding why people don avail them and spoil their health by succumbing to alcohol.

There are some who act smart and find out a cure all by themselves. They start taking anti depressants like xanax, just like that without medical prescription. Now let me tell you that taking anti depressants along with alcohol are almost like a death knell. Xanax alcohol is a fatal combo that can take away your life. Never ever have anti depressants on your own. Always consult a doctor regarding your problem. It his job. He will prescribe you the drug that you need to take. In case you find it embarrassing to go to a doctor you can avail the same services from an online pharmacy. There are loads of on line pharmacies nowadays from where you can order xanax after getting a proper medical consultation. Xanax is a popular anti- depressant but one should buy xanax only after getting a valid xanax prescription.

Always remember that depression is a disease that is curable, provided you co operate in the treatment. Don complicate issues unnecessarily either due to ignorance or due to indifference. Your life is precious, so don put an untimely end to it. Always take medical help to overcome depression or for that matter any other disease. Meddling with your problem on your own will create bigger problems for you, your family and sometimes even your physician.

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