Are there any animal type ingredients in the natural progesterone? : NPAN

Hi Catherine,

I would like to know if there is any animal type ingredients in the natural progesterone?

Thank you,


Dear Cheryl,

We don’t sell progesterone cream from this website.

You need to check with your cream supplier for this kind of information. Indeed, I would urge all women to review cream ingredients before they proceed with their purchase.

Our goal – first, foremost and singularly – is to offer qualified, unbiased information about the use of natural progesterone.

If we were to align ourselves with cream manufacturers or distributors we would compromise our primary objective.

Because we are not affiliated with other companies, we are free to make recommendations, offer advisories, point out concerns, and provide unbiased information to you.

We do offer information on several dependable outlets where you can purchase natural progesterone cream. You are then free to make the final decision as to who you prefer to do business with.

We take the time to decipher and simplify information and experimental evidence. You?re assured to get the most up-to-date and accurate information anywhere online without having to spend countless hours searching… or questioning the source.

This website provides a safe haven for you – and other women like you – to dramatically improve your life through natural progesterone use.

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